Strongbow Strategies has been able to work on a variety of projects for a diverse portfolio of clients. Below please find a small sample of some of our projects.


Strongbow Strategies was proud to partner with the Navajo Nation Executive Branch to undertake the task of the Hózho Diné Bi Nahat’á plan. Which sought to capture data of the status of the entire Navajo Nation Executive Branch’s 20 plus divisions and departments. This effort spearheaded by the Nez-Lizer administration sought to understand and prioritize the necessary changes needed to improve government services to the Navajo people.  It continued the work and information gathered during the Nez campaign to implement government improvement processes including balanced score cards and project management principles.

Strongbow Strategies is honored to work on the leadership team of Navajo Power Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).  Navajo Power was founded to maximize the economic benefits of clean energy for tribal and impacted communities. In this work we provide management support, field work, government process and regulatory navigation in developing private sector solar in partnership and for the ultimate benefit of tribal communities.

Navajo Woolen Mills – this special project was made possible through a grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development. Our CEO, Clara, grew up on the rural Navajo Nation and her family continued the longstanding tradition of animal husbandry, specifically the rearing of sheep for food and wool. Her grandfather was a shepherd full time and her family relied on the flock to provide food and her grandmother used the wool for weaving. Over the years the practice has become increasingly rare and in an effort to work to combat the loss of traditional knowledge and way of life Strongbow is proud to be a part of a solution to provide a fair market wage for wool producers to bring Navajo wool to a larger market.